We provide a comprehensive bulk SMS messaging solution to companies and/or individuals whereby they are able to send both local and international bulk messages as we are in partnership with over 300 mobile networks around the world.

We also provide you with access to a portal (called Waspkiosk), where you will be able to buy/top up your bulk SMSs, send your bulk SMS as well as check the number of subscribers that received the bulk messages.
Bulk SMS service has various advantages over the normal communication mechanism. These include:
1. It’s a very fast mode of communicating urgent messages, at any time of the day or night
2. It’s a much cheaper communication mode compared to the normal calling process
3. The customer will be able to receive unlimited messages concerning the products or services offered by the company, new products/services as well as promotions.
A case in point is our client K.K. Security Limited who uses our bulk SMS services to inform their staff as well as clients who have subscribed to their alerts service of various emergencies and happening in various cities and towns around the country.

Our Solution to Your Requirements
This solution involves our service platform
Wasp Live SMS Platform.
What is Wasp Live SMS Platform?
The portal is hosted at www.waspkiosk.com.
The platform allows you to;
• Create address books or service groups and send messages to each group independently.
• Upload contacts to group via excel, CSV and even manually.
• Allow you to add contacts with their names and use Salutation when sending e.g. Dear John.
• Send SMS directly to an Excel/CSV listing.
• Download integration documentations for USSD, SMS, APIs and Software development
• Request short codes {numeric or alphanumeric}.
• Send SMS on alphanumeric across the world thanks to our international providers.
• Buy Credits using mobile payments (M-Pesa).
• Schedule your messages for a later date or time.
• Manage your system users.
• Live SMS streaming.
This system is a workbench on which customizations can be done.

How Our Solution Meets a Client’s Requirements (Interactivity)
As per the following requirements:
1. Ability to send messages to many recipients at ago.
This is implemented and can be used to send to many numbers. This can be done using our API, from an excel sheet and CSV or from an address book/service list that you create and manage online on our portal.
We also allow scheduling of messages to be sent out later.
2. Facility should be able to send the SMS to all networks in the country.
We are directly connected to all networks in Kenya, to Africa and the entire world via our partners.
3. Ability to carry out validations on the numbers as well as detect duplicated numbers on the database. System automatically captures duplication.
4. Ability to integrate with Microsoft CRM 2011 to pick up the numbers to be reached.
We can integrate to Microsoft CRM 2011.
5. Ability to produce reports that will show historical messages that have been sent as well as the recipients.
From our web portal, you can download your sent messages report with sender, receiver, message, status, and scheduled time.
6. A feature that will enable tracking of the success rate (reachability) of the intended recipients.
From the web portal you can download delivery reports of all messages delivered to handsets.
7. Ability to receive back responses from recipients of the messages
If using a numeric short code, we provide a live streaming functionality on our portal from where one can view and respond to all incoming SMS or user responses.

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